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A little About Us

Being Celiac Rachel personally understands the struggle with finding delicious and safe gluten free foods. She attended New England Institute for two years to receive an associates degree in baking and pastry arts. When deciding a culinary career path her focus was strictly on safe gluten free foods and that's how Raegamuffin's was born in April of 2014. 

Gluten free safety is important, but here at Raegamuffin's it's not our only concern; not only are we a dedicated gluten free facility but we are also a dedicated tree nut and peanut free facility. We love to help people with food allergies and restrictions that is why about half of our items are dairy free and we also offer a couple of vegan items every day we are opened.

We love to take special order!  If you have a couple of allergies or restrictions and are really craving something, give us a call at 207-942-9400 to place a special order and we will do whatever we can to fill your cravings. We can make almost everything on our menu in a dairy free or vegan variety.